Tuesday, September 23, 2003


In a decision that surprises just about no one, the recall will happen, as scheduled, on Oct. 7th...Remember, Vote NO on the recall and then think really hard about the second part and vote for the democrat even though you don't like him just to piss on the republican parade. Let them know their best laid plans have gone astray and they have facilitated something they absolutely did not want...Governor Cruz.


Okay, this is hysterical. Darryl Issa, the republican theif who financed this whole fiasco, is now afraid of a Cruz victory because the repubs here is CA can't decide between an actor and an idealogue and a Democrat may very well win the office yet again. Issa is recommeding a NO vote on the recall.

Is it just me or should this guy be forced to pay for all of this? He made the mess, he took his partisan shit on our state and now he should be made to pay for once again trying to undermine the will of the people...


Monday, September 22, 2003

Okay now...

So where have I been? All over the place. Keping my ear to the ground listening for news and notes that IK can report to you, my dear reader. What have I found in my travels? Not much really. Okay, a bit more than that.

Let's start with the recall. With the recent court decision (which could be overruled or changed ar whatever at any minute), it would seem that Christmas (or NODWISH - the NOn-Denominational WInter Solstice Holiday - as we call it around X23town) has been postponed...not cancelled mind you, but postponed. Thery don't like this one bit. They want their recall NOW. They want the Supreme Court to play Mr. Salt to their Veruca...yes, dear. I'll get you whatever you want. They don't care how, they want it now. Of course, they don't care if everyone has the same opportunity to cast a vote, they want it now. They don't care if the whole thing costs more than many of the school programs that have to be cancelled due to the budget crisis they were complaining about to begin with...they want it NOW. They don't care that a growing percentage of Californians would just assume keep the guy we voted for in the real election...they want to tryh to recall him NOW. And if you tell them that they need to wait a few mon ths longer, they complain that their candidates will have to spend more money than they should have to to try to steal an office they have no rights to but, heck, they want it NOW. Yes, Veruca. Whatever you say, Veruca.

Speaking of the Schwatzenator, how are we supposed to take a candidate seriously who will not agree to more than a photo-op debate? (wait until Buscho 2004 for that answer). I agree with the other Verucas that they should take their debate elsewhere without him. That'll show the Arnis (tm) that they fear him so much theyh refuse to stand with him. Maybe Oprah can be the moderator and pitch him some more softballs. Now that Oprah's lost some weight, maybe the Arnis(tm) would like to show her his Austrian Slugger and the two softballs he keeps in reserve...(okay, that's just gross...)

Finally, I was watching Bill Maher last night (which is hard to do because he is so rottenly inconsistent with what he says...he is only consistent in his need to seem somehow cooler than everyone else and so above it all he can make nasty jokes about everyone that only he finds funny)...anyhow, he had on Tim Robbins (kick ass, Tim. You Rock!) Dany Carvey as the Arnis(tm) and some republican hag from New Mexico. When asked about the recent practice of charging our wounded servicepeople for their meals while they are recovering from wounds they should never have received, her response was that it was most likely the work of some petty bureauocrat trying to balance the books. I'll tell you what. Petty bureauocrats do not make up rules. They follow them. Rules are made up by upper level bureauocrats who are bound by a congress that cares more for rewarding corporations and the uberwealthy with tax breaks and cuts than feeding soldiers who are injured in the line of duty. It's fucking disgraceful and if I was a congressperson of any stripe, upon hearing of this nonsense, I would force legislation onto the president's desk without any politicking or addendums or whatever that simply stated that soldiers in the line of fire. injured or not, get free food. It's the least we can do and it is the least they can do. Some wench, supposedly a soldier turned representative, should have answered the question with my answer, not go for a cheap laugh by blaming red tape.

Speaking of wenches, Nancy Pelosi was on Maher as well and talked a really good game. If she would only back up her words with action and leadership, then maybe the democrats in congress wouldn't be the fucking cowards and weaklings they are.

That's all for now. I'll try to get back more often. School starts Thursday and, alas, I need to get a real job as well. Unemployment's gone and run out on me...


Thursday, September 04, 2003


Please go to this site and sign the petition. It's the right thing to do.


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