Sunday, February 29, 2004


It's a new blog, but it's sure to be updated regularly with a plethora of entertainment and occasionally political news and rantings. Why look at new blogs? Well, you were new once, you know... This one's called Out of Focus and is certainly in the realm of politainment. But I make it more fun than he does, of course :) (After all, I'm fantabulous!)


Saturday, February 28, 2004


Be sure to head over to Bark Bark Woof Woof and read Mustang Bobby's latest post re:Tolkien. Very good stuff.


Friday, February 27, 2004


I can't go about doing my monday puppy thing and ignore the other residents of the house. They are very cute too, you know...

Magnus likes the trashier books in my library...

Lasky and Magnus have found a puppy safe spot...for the moment!


Wednesday, February 25, 2004


Gibson's new little bit of biblical bloodsport
is sure bringing out the best in folks. It won't stir up any anti-semetism, right Mel?


Sitting here in the UCLA research library not really researching anything but staying out of the inclemency that the gods have visited upon us heathen Californians for definling the holier-than-we-ever-thought "institution" of marriage (someone forgot to tell my parents about this...between them they've tied the knot five times), I have some time to reflect upon the alteration of the capital "C" Constitution. If it wasn't so amazingly stupid, I would laugh more about it. I love my wife. I plan on staying married to her for the rest of our days on this, or any world. No gay couple living happily next door under the title of married couple is going to change how I feel about my wife. So why is it, then, to some people "THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE FACING THE COUNTRY TODAY" (capitals for their screaming idiocy)? I heard that. Really. It doesn't surprise you because these fundamental morons are trying to mess with the document that protects us from abuse by adding an abusive clause. I keep thinking about all of the other problems and issues facing our nation and I keep thinking that just about everything else I can possibly think of is so far beyond more important than whether or not Dennis and Frank tied the knot that I am super-perplexed by the whole thing. And then I remember the other amendment that people were all hot and bothered about tacking on to the big C some years ago. You remember, the one about torching the flag? The same group of people thought it was "THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE FACING THE COUNTRY TODAY" way back then. Familes could fall apart if married lesbians burn flags. I swear it must be true. It's in the bible somewhere, I think.

So the real point is not all this hoo-haw about gay guys and gals getting together and being happy and not really undermining anything but rahter enriching it. It's not about that at all (Although I really want to go to a gay wedding...if it's anything like what I seen on that Queer Eye show, I bet the food will be great and the decor just faboo). What it is about is Constitutional Boredom. We jsut don't tinker enough with the old document. Why, we haven't added anything to it in around forty years. It's getting stale, dontcha think? We need more amendments than just the marriage one.

So what should they be? How can we alter the fabric of our nation? Well, I have a lot of good ideas, but I want to hear from you, dear readers. I mean, who else can we strip of their right to the pursuit of happiness? Let me at least start you out with an amendment against the use or production of bongs. Let there be no doubt about he fact that these devices are tearing apart "the very fabric of our nation."

Now it's your turn! The person with the best amendment will get a copy of my short film, COVERAGE, a personal picture of the puppy, and something else very cool to be determined. Let's set a final contest date for, oh, March 9th.


Monday, February 23, 2004


So Moose thinks he is the cutest puppy in the world and that everyone should bow down to his royal cuteness. Our trainer agrees on the cute part anyhow...

Because you wanted to see Moosey, you get Moosey...I suppose I can give you a Monday update of his Mooseness if you like :)


Thursday, February 19, 2004


So what's going on with the MX23 you're asking? Well, the wife and I have adopted a bassett hound puppy (pics to come) to go along with our many cats. As any of you out there who have owned a puppy may know, they are an amazing handful. So Moose (the puppy) along with my oldest cat (a 17 year old persian) being very sick as well as school and work has left me little time to read blogs let alone write them. It's about all I can do to listen to the news on the way to places to stay informed. But I will perservere and keep on blogging. My voice is mostly angry these days, but I'll get back to the tainment part of politainment very soon. I'm trying to meditate and relax...relax.


I won't be backing another candidate until after the convention. That candidate will be the one who is charged with defeating Bush and that is what needs to be done, regardless of the man. I'll still vote for Dean in the California primary because he may see a few of our many delegates and anything that will give him a bit more of a presence in Boston is a good thing. I neither hate Edwards nor Kerry, but I won't vote for either until November.


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