Monday, September 27, 2004


Okay. So I know I've been remiss in blogging as of late, but you must forgive me as putting together the house has been at the forefront of my life as of late. It still amazes me that we have almost completed every project we set out to do (with one or two exceptions where we called in professionals to bail us out). The laminate flooring was, perhaps, the biggest challenge because we had to get it in before the movers brought our stuff over. But now, as I relax in our living room, I can take stock of it all and be just a little proud of the house my wife and I have put together. Our cats are happy and Moose is thrilled (and now lets us sleep late). It's just a strange feeling to be sitting here in a house that I ostensibly own. I didn't see it happening so soon in my life.

So, now that the house is just a part and not the whole of my attention, I can settle back into blogging a few times a week. I begin my last term as an undergrad on Thursday (finishing the degree 12 years later than planned) and I have to finish the first draft of my screenplay ASAP. I'm also applying to two PhD programs and a Masters program and trying to secure some kind of employment for January when my financial aid temporarily runs out. It will be a busy fall...


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