Friday, October 29, 2004


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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

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I think the most laughable accusation that Bush makes against Kerry is that the next president from Massachusettes is playing the "politics of fear" and will "say anything" to win the election.

Now first we have to look at the accusation that Kerry will say anything to win. This is just not so. He obviously will not say that Bush is a two-faced liar. He has been very civil in not saying such a thing. He could say it. He'd be telling the truth. But he's left it out of his stump speeches. He could also pander to the religious right and try to get their votes by taking Bush's positions. He hasn't said anything to this effect. Obviously, if he would say "anything" to win, he'd pander to every possible base, wouldn't he? He doesn't do this. He also doesn't say that if Bush is re-elected, we might have a terrorist using nuclear weapons against us. He doesn't say this. He could. But he has chosen not to stoop so low.

Bush and his twisted excuse for a running mateCheney, however, have no problem taking the low road. They prefer the low road. It's easier. They almost always prelude their comments with an accusation that Kerry is the Stephen King of presidential candidates. Just some New England master of horror that is out to paint Bush as the Bogeyman. Then, of course, Bush and SatanCheney proceed to scare the shit out of everyone with their Weird Tales portrayal of Kerry as a bumbling idiot who, once in office, will sit around his office playing video baseball and then take long ill advised vacations to do menial labor while letting the nation's ports and borders remain pourous to dangerous terrorists. It really is a frightening prospect to think of the most powerful man in the world acting in such a manner. Really scares the shit out of people.

It really does seem that some people will say anything to get a vote, now doesn't it?


Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Echidne brings up a good point when she asks why it seems that Bush hates the great state of Massachusettes. In every debate now, he has made disparaging remarks about the elected officials and, by proxy, the residents of the state. It boggles the mind, really, that someone who has been charged with representing the interests of all the people of our nation has chosen to distance himself so visibly from a specific group. Not all the folks from Mass are liberal. After all, they have a repub Governor, don't they? Sure, he's robably not going to win the state, but is that any reason to show such utter contempt for the place? It's very nice there. They have good schools. Bush even went to one for awhile. Did someone there piss him off? It just doesn't seem right and I am surprised...okay, not surprised... that no one in the punditocracy has called him on it. Don't you think there would be some backlash if Kerry slammed Texas every chance he got?

Well, I hope for the sake of the residents of Massachusettes and the surrounding states (New England is quite small, you know) that Bush loses this election. Who knows what kind of "lapses" in security might occur under his overworked beady little eyes? Of course, I live in California which Bush doesn't even talk about, let alone travel to or advertise in these days. Sometimes I feel like he's forgotten we're even here...(a good thing? I'm not sure...)


I highly recommend this brand new blog. She's smart and knows that there cannot be a first vice presidential debate if there is only one of them. Check it out!


Tuesday, October 12, 2004


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