Thursday, October 27, 2005

CA-25 Revisited

I got a reply!

We are currently agressively recruiting candidates throughout the country to challenge Republicans in 2006. We fully understand your desire to withhold support until you have a Democratic candidate that you can get behind in CA-25, and we hope that such a candidate will emerge soon. Nothing would make us happier than to make sure Rep. McKeon is replaced with a strong Democrat in 2006.


DCCC Action Team

It's the first I've heard from them, even if it isn't fully satisfying.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I wrote this letter to the DCCC which proudly wrote me to tell me about all of the new and wonderful candidates they plan to field in '06.

Hi there,

I am currently trapped in CA-25 without representation (Buck McKeon does not represent me, my neighbors, my family or my pets...his voting record show that he represents Messers Delay and Bush).

I understand that your funds are limited, but I would like to know why you are not taking this unprecedented opportunity to try to dislodge EVERY Republican possible.

Now, CA-25 is the largest district in the state and with the recent migration of many Angelenos north to the Santa Clarita valley and beyond (McKeon's hometown), I would imagine the number of registered Democrats in the area has risen considerably.

I have made repeated attempts to have someone from the party contact me and let me know whom I may support in '06, but my pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

How can I give my time and money to an organization that does not care to at least give me a simple response to a basic query?

If you do not have any plans to challenge McKeon, I understand.

Please understand that I will not participate in your organization, petitions nor fundraisers until you do.

Am I wrong to be selfish like this?


Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Via World O'Crap

I have never quite understood the book burners and banners. I suppose they are terrifically frightened of the power of literature and its ability to open the minds of people and provide them with enough imagination that their minds may just be open enough to see that there is more to life than slavish duty to the ever-maddening interpretations of religious texts that they are force fed. Ideas are scary. Knowledge is a bad thing. Science, as Bobby Bouchet's Mama might say, is the Devil. And any reading outside of the Bible and End Time Rapture porn is definitely NOT fundamental(ist).

"The search for knowledge over wisdom was a big mistake to begin with--" says the amazingly stupid pseudo-religious parody of the Harry Potter series.

Now, as we have seen over the past several years, Harry Potter is just too damned popular. Kids actually LIKE to read these books. But these books just scare these have-no-fun-damentalists to death because they feature MAGIC. Not the kind of magic from the Lord of the Rings (which exists in a complete fantasy world and is therefore "okay" with some of them, but the kind of magic that..."exists"...in...the "real" world...because they're in "London"... They think that if their children read these books, they will worship demons in the hopes of receiving dark powers. Seriously.

(Of course, as we all know, Harry and his pals are just magical by nature and do not engage in worship of any kind nor do they suggest that any kind of worship is wrong...as a matter of fact, they fight evil, intolerance and bigotry...I suppose these are not fundamentalist values)

But have a look at this comic stupidity that these people suggest you pass out instead of "fun-sized" candy bars on Halloween (that they suggest you participate in Halloween in any way is just rank hypocracy). It seems to suggest that the world of Harry Potter is, in fact, a real place. Seriously. What I find ultimately amusing about this is that their belief in the reality of this fantastical place makes perfect sense in that they believe a trumpet will sound and they will float up to heaven.

The message is that ignorance is preferrable and more likely to produce a state of grace. But they use the word "wisdom." I do not think it means what they think it does.


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