Monday, June 05, 2006


I'm a straight married man with a beautiful son who may or may not be gay (he's only 10 months old). Believe it or not, my wife and I are so secure in our marriage that what other people do will never pose a risk to our relationships. If the gay couple next door gets married, mazel tov! I hope they will be as happy as I am. I watched my parents get divorced and remarried with some regularity and somehow they never complained that it was the spector of homosexual marriage that broke them up.

However, my brother-in-law is a messianic jew (orthodox jew for Jesus) who does believe that if the gay couple next door gets married, it will endanger his fragile sensibilities. Of course, he won't bring his family over to my house for dinner because my wife and I have native American totems and other pagan art in and around the house and he is afraid if his son sees it, his fragile faith will be shattered by the presence of a smirking katchina. I keep telling my wife that I won't go to her brother's house because my fragile sensibilities are offended by his lack of interesting artwork on the walls.

People in this country are supposedly self-centered. This may be true. But some appear to be self-centered in that they all want their selfishness to extend and become the center of everyone's universe. I just want my home and the future homes of my children to be free to be whatever it is that they (and I) want them to be.


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