Wednesday, January 03, 2007


You can always depend on this laughing wackjob to incite his followers with some ridiculous proclamation. And then you can depend on the MSM to report his insane inner voice conversations with what he believes to be a deity of some sort. Why do people keep paying attention? Do the people at AP think its funny and like to show this guy off as a kook or is it part of the continuing effort to keep people ever fearful?

I'm going with the ever fearful public. It's not that there are a lot of people who believe that Robertson speaks with a deity. It's that when people who do not read very much or just skim the news or who think the news woudn't report it if it weren't true see the word "Terrorist" in print, they worry.

Why is the news reporting about a terrorist attack? Is there going to be a terrorist attack?
What if Robertson really does talk to God?
Will the terrorists come and get me here in Omaha or Fontana or Concord or Tallahassee?
Why won't Pat tell us more?
Why's he holding out?
Maybe I should watch the 700 club?
Doesn't the president talk to God, too?
Why's he holding out?
Why won't God talk to me?
Doesn't God think I'm a nice guy?
What have I done to God?
Why's he holding out?
Why doesn't God just kill the terrorists for us if he loves the U.S. so much?

Why does the press feel it necessary to publish insane predictions of insane no-accounts?

So many questions...

No really good answers today except to not be afraid and not live in fear.


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